Products Copyright © 2011 Zeke’s Batteries Plus, Inc.                                                                                                                                                                           Designed and Hosted by Alpati Web Services   Made with Xara Continental Batteries is the industry leader when it comes to servicing your automotive needs. They have been shipping quality automotive batteries since 1932, consistently providing their customers with the best battery available in today’s progressive automotive aftermarket. With automotive technology improving its manufacturing in vertical proportions, it is absolutely necessary to find a replacement battery with O.E. specification or in many cases better. When you need a super tough, heavy duty, and high performance type battery, you can rely on Continental Batteries. Our products deploy instant explosive power to turn over those massive engines on monster machinery. The thought of having a battery failure is not an option when your rigorous work schedule depends on your truck, tractor or construction equipment. These batteries are also excellent for farm and agriculture as well! Regardless of your geographical location and use, Continental’s small engine batteries are built for all climates. Whether you’re blowing snow or cutting grass, you’ll be amazed at what huge results you can get from such a small battery. Who wants to spend their weekends replacing a battery when you can immediately take care of your lawn and do the things you enjoy instead? Whatever your lawn and gardening needs may be, you can always depend on Continental Batteries. If you want to keep up with the pros on the course, Continental Batteries has the power to get you there. Designed for multiple uses, our golf cart batteries are the best value in the industry. Our products are durable, resistant of excessive vibration, tolerant to extreme temperatures, and above all, provide continuous deep cycle power. This deep cycle power can discharge and charge hundreds of times while still providing the optimal power you are looking for. Golf Cart Battery Whether it's for your golf cart, fork lift, floor scrubber, robotics, scooter, wheelchair, or multi-purpose warehouse equipment, Continental Batteries are your best value. Expecting a great weekend getaway? Make sure to put a Continental battery in your boat or RV today! Our products are specifically designed to provide an extended cycle life and high capacity for your recreational enjoyment. Continental batteries are built to hold a charge after months of storage while maintaining the power to accelerate an instant start for any size motor. North American Battery Systems is a major supplier of batteries and electrical products, offering nationwide distribution to the fleet market. The TROJAN BATTERY is recognized by leading original equipment manufacturers as the #1 deep cycle battery in the world. Providing power for off- road, on rough waters, or just braving the potholes in your SUV, Optima Batteries are built to take a beating. Experience heart pounding speed and mobility on your motorcycle, snowmobile, PWC, or ATV vehicle when you use the power of Continental Batteries.