About Zeke purchased the business in April of 1999 and has been in business since. Things were going pretty good. The state for the first time raised the price from $10.50 to $12.50 and finally they gave the increase to the shop owner. In May of 2003, Montgomery County went to emission testing as a requirement of your yearly deal and that was really helpful. We were forced to buy $40,000 dollars worth of machinery. But that brought the actual profit of the inspections up. We have been putting our heart and souls into the work we do as our commitment to the local community of the high quality professionalism that we provide. For the longest time I was buying junk batteries when no one else would. We still buy junk batteries, so if you have them laying around, bring them on down and I’ll buy them from you. We send the used batteries back to a battery processing plant in Louisianna which helps keep the money in the United States of America where it rightfully belongs and also helps keep the Lead surplus high so that when the time comes that we need ammo, we will have no problem producing it. We have been very blessed in regards to our business, thanks to God, our customers and our loyalty to all of you. Copyright © 2011 Zeke’s Batteries Plus, Inc.                                                                                                                                                                           Designed and Hosted by Alpati Web Services   Made with Xara